Technical Support for the Primatech P200/P210 Pneumatic Nailers

Available documents:

This tool requires minimal lubrication. Use only detergent-free oil such as Primatech P-090. Few drops of oil daily in the air inlet is sufficient. Other types of lubricant may degrade the seals.

Use RUBBER end

Never STEEL end


The P200/P210 Pneumatic Nailers are designed to be operated with either a 2.5 lbs or a 3.5 lbs mallet. Use only the rubber end of the mallet to actuate the tool. The use of the steel end will damage the head assembly and will VOID the warranty.


All P210 tools manufactured since September 2001 are fitted with a larger and stronger driving blade. Those tools are identified as "P210W" onto the serial number label. Those tools require the larger P-223 replacement driving blade. Check the Replacement Parts guide.

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